Wryck Music is an indielabel located in the northern part of Copenhagen, DK. The label consists of Wryck aka Richard Mogensen. I do songwriting, producing, remixing and recording in nearly any genre or style. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information or questions.

I started young with breakdancing, painting graffiti, rapping and beatboxing. I soon realized that i had a thing going with sound in general. Like many other i began with a mixer and a turntable but soon bought myself a Roland 909 drumstation and a bit later on an Emax sampler.

In the very late nineties i had myself a huge outboard analog studio but pretty soon everything went digital. Since then i have basically been working with Logic pro and Protools.

Check my portfolio and you will see that i have made mostly electronic music but i have also worked with a wide variety of musicians. I have made music styles like RnB, Neo Soul, Dance, Rap, Hip Hop, Dubstep, House, Pop and Disco.