Feel free to visit my soundcloud page for exclusive remixes and other special products. These are the bits and pieces that are left from my old youtube channel. Lots of popular remixes from the beginning of the millinium.


Here you will find some of my full albums and various hiphop and RnB mixes. I have uploaded full compilations of danish rap albums and classic hip hop remixes. No charge and no signup. Enjoy!

Danish HipHop Releases

Database with almost of all danish urban music ever released. You can also find me and a lot of the rap stuff i did in the late nineties. Im not sure if he is still updating the site but go have a look for yourselves.

Hunger G4mer

Xbox one youtube gaming channel that mix gameplay and music very well together. He features gameplay and streams from console games like Crossout, Fortnite, Minecraft, DayZ and Rocket League. Check out his website for more!